INTERCOMEX Starts Trading Gold Options

Bishkek-based International Commodity Exchange (INTERCOMEX) announced today the launch of gold option contracts, an instrument which was previously unavailable in Kyrgyzstan.

We are proud to announce that our legal team worked closely with INTERCOMEX in developing the product concept and making it fit the regulatory environment of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Vladimir Kiriusha, CEO of KLS Securities, comments.

“Kyrgyzstan is very rapidly developing an active domestic market in gold and related instruments. The Government has launched ‘gold certificates’ as a means of securely investing into gold. VAT on bullion transactions was waived, which is another positive development. We know that several banks have applied to the banking regulator for extended precious metal licenses.

Working closely with Kyrgyzstan’s gold industry, KLS Securities is at the forefront of these developments. We are proud to be one of the founding members of INTERCOMEX and hope to contribute to its liquidity and development.”

KLS Securities LLC advises its clients that our brokerage services are available for trading any contracts at INTERCOMEX, including gold options.

INTERCOMEX gold options are a legally uncomplicated domestically traded hedging instrument for the jewellery industry as well as for domestic gold producers.