The global nature of internet and universal accessibility of information requires us to make sure the users of our website understand a few important legal disclaimers.

First of all, while it is OK to make investment information generally available to internet readers in and from Kyrgyzstan, it may not necessarily be OK for residents of other countries to read. Some countries may limit your ability to invest into certain products and may even limit your ability to know about such investments. There are over 190 countries on our planet, and regulations differ. This means that when you read something, the burden to determine whether it is legal for you to read or not, is entirely on YOU.

The same relates to investment restrictions imposed by your home country. We will duly check you as a prospective client under the AML/KYC rules , we will run a FATCA check on you because we are a FATCA-compliant financial intermediary, but we will not and reasonably can not determine whether your home country would allow you to have a certain investment. It is also beyond our capabilities to make sure you report in your home country what has to be reported (such as foreign shares, for nationals of countries with exchange controls). Please make sure you follow all the rules.